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QHYCFW3-M-SR (5 x 2inch)

QHYCFW3-M-SR (5 x 2inch)


The QHYCFW3-M-SR (5 x 2inch) Colour Filter Wheel is the perfect addition to your QHY camera, and many others, with suitably sized sensors.

Also consider the QHYOAG-M and quality filter options from Chroma and Astronomik

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The QHYCFW3-M-SR (5 x 2inch) Colour Filter Wheel is the perfect addition to your QHY camera, and many others, with suitably sized sensors.

Thickness = 20.5mm
Internal Height = 10mm
Weight = 728g
Disk = 5 x 2inch Filters
Interface = Female M54 (Telescope Side) + Bolt on System for QHY Accessories
Interface = Dovetail / Bolt on System for QHY Cameras + M54 Female (Camera Side)

QHYCCD selected a high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor for their 3rd generation filter wheel design.  Compared to the PM stepper motor used in many filter wheels, the hybrid stepper motor has higher precision, a smaller step angle and is more expensive.  The motor is enclosed to prevent dust from entering the motor, thus improving reliability and motor life.  The direction of filter rotation can be reversed; the filter carousel can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise to complete the rotation quickly which is very convenient.

Regarding the evolution of the motor drive, the 2nd generation filter wheels used a gear drive while this 3rd generation filter wheel uses a friction drive that with zero backlash. It also positions and stops with high precision.

The QHYCFW3 main body is cut from a single piece of Aluminium by a precision CNC machine.  The craftsmanship and finish are exquisite.  When you hold the small design, you do not want to put it down!

There is a switch button on the QHYCFW3.  The serial port switch can accommodate fast switching between serial communication mode and USB communication mode.
There are four versions of the 3rd generation QHYCFW3 filter wheel: QHYCFW3XL (extra-large size), QHYCFW3L (large size), QHYCFW3M (medium size), and QHYCFW3S (small size). Both the QHYCFW3M and QHYCFW3S are also available in a standard version (SR) and thin version (US).

QHYCFW3-M-SR (5 x 2inch) supports two socket modes. One is the 4PIN QHYCFW socket. If your QHYCCD camera has a 4PIN socket you can connect it directly to the QHYCFW3. There is 12V power in the 4PIN socket so it does not need any extra power.  If you don’t have a QHYCCD camera or the camera has no 4PIN QHYCFW socket, you can use the USB socket to connect with the computer.  The QHYCFW3 can be powered and controlled with USB port.  Please note the current requirement when using the USB cable is higher (780mA) than the USB2.0 port can supply and some computer will limit the current to 500mA. In this condition, QHYCFW3 can draw the power from the QHYCFW socket port (the 6PIN RJ11 port in the QHYCFW3) and you need a 12V to RJ11 cable to power the QHYCFW2. When using this method. The current draw from USB cable will reduce to less than 100mA when motor rotating.  (* The 12V to RJ11 cable is the standard item listed after 2019.4).

Also consider the QHYOAG-M and quality filter options from Chroma and Astronomik


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