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Revolution Imager R2 (to UK)

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The Revolution Imager R2 fits any standard 1.25″ focuser and lets you see much fainter objects than the human eye ever could. This is a complete stand alone system, with 7″ colour monitor, imager, mains power supply or 12v battery cable, 1.25″ adapter, focal reducer and more……

Due to restrictions on importing Lithium Ion batteries we now supply either a small mains power supply OR 12 volt battery cable with cigar plug (to fit the popular power tanks). Please use the customer notes section, when ordering, to let us know which you prefer.

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The Revolution Imager R2 fits any standard 1.25″ focuser and lets you see much fainter objects than the human eye ever could. This is a complete stand alone system, with 7″ colour monitor, imager, mains psu or 12v battery cable, multi length 1.25″ adapter, focal reducer and more. Unlock the Universe!

Astronomy Magazine’s 2016 Star Product and Sky & Telescopes 2017 Hot Product! This year the Revolution Imager was Astronomy Magazine’s only camera to receive a star product award and one of Sky and Telescope’s Hot Products for 2017!

For Sales to the EU … Purchase HERE

Now with the R2, all you have to do is make some simple connections and you can use the power of modern technology to see (on the included colour monitor) the mountains, valleys and seas of the Moon. Easily change the exposure of the video camera and seamlessly go to seeing the reds and greens of Nebulosity or even the spiral arms of The Whirlpool Galaxy. All from your backyard using the amazing sensitivity of the most modern Sony imaging chip and built in live automated video processing. You will be blown away at what even the most modest tracking telescopes will show you in just a few seconds of exposure!

This newest version, Revolution Imager R2, has an easier menu to operate, better contrast control, better gain control and finer image processing on board. This new version does a maximum of 5.12 second exposure and stacks up to 6 images internally instead of 5.

The Revolution Imager includes everything you need to get up-and-running and get the most out of your existing telescope. Included are:

  • Portable 7″ colour monitor.
  • Choice of mains PSU or 12 Volt cigar plug battery – to run both the camera and LCD screen.
  • 0.5x (variable) Focal Reducer – to dramatically widen and brighten the field of view.
  • UV/IR filter.
  • Hand-held remote control to control the camera.
  • Shock-proof carry case.
  • All required cables.

The newest version of the R2 comes with a HD UHTC wired remote that allows left, right and scrolling up through all menus when in CVBS mode.  Using the 2 included AA batteries, navigating to the exposure is easy and maintains complete hands-free operation of the camera during a long exposure!
For more information on using the R2, take a look at the following resources:

1) How to assemble the system

After unpacking you will need to identify the following pieces.

  1. Revolution Camera
  2. Your choice of mains PSU or 12 volt cigar plug battery cable
  3. 7″ Colour Monitor
  4. 1.25″ Adapter
  5. 0.5x (variable) Reducer
  6. UV/IR cut filter
  7. Umbilical Cable including wired remote

Here’s how to assemble the pieces:

  • Step 1 – Attach white coax cable with wired remote to BNC jack on back of camera
  • Step 2 – Attach round power cord to back of camera. (note there are 2 round power cords, one end goes to the rechargeable battery, the other in the back of the camera, be sure the round power cord after it splits in two goes into the camera)
  • Step 3 – Since you have probably discovered the other round power cord that is on the single end of the Y split, this is the one that plugs into the mains PSU or battery cable
  • Step 4 – Back to the other end of the Y of the umbilical cord you will find a multi-prong cable that must line up with the receiving end of the cable that comes from the 7” Colour Monitor. Attach these cables, carefully lining up the pins to each other.
  • Step 5 – Remove the lens cap from the Revolution Camera and screw the 1.25” adapter into the opening

You are now ready to go explore the universe!

Insert the Camera into any 1.25” telescope, if your telescope can track the stars by counteracting the Earth’s rotation you will be able to take longer exposures to see fainter objects! Turn the power, use the wired remote to navigate the camera’s menu for longer or shorter exposures to see fainter detail than your eye ever could. Take a look at the “How Do I?” menu for a guide on how to set these options

2) R2 Quick Start Guide

You can download the Quick Start Guide Here

R2 Quick Start Guide

You can download the Quick Start Guide Here

3) R2 Reference Manual … Download Here

Accessories Available for The Revolution Imager:

USB Video Capture Adapter

25ft Standoff Cable

Kit for Celestron Evolution Telescopes – ask

Funstar Adapter for Fastar Compatible for 8″ Celestron SCT – ask

Hands Free Adapter for DVR

LCD Digital Video Recorder

6 – 60mm Zoom Lens

RED Shield for 7″ monitor

WiFi Emitter

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