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QHY11 Colour (UK delivery)

QHY11 Colour (UK delivery)


The QHY11 Colour is a compact full frame 36*24mm cooled CCD camera.

It uses the TrueSense KAI11002 CCD sensor and offers a big image circle.

11 mega pixels with 9 um pixels offers very sharp stars and a wide FOV.

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The QHY11 Colour is a compact full frame camera.

It uses the TrueSense KAI11002 CCD sensor and offers a big image circle.

The 11mega pixels and 9um pixel sensor offers you very sharp star and wide FOV.

QHY11 is typically -45C delta T from ambient.

This delta T exceeds most other cameras based on the KAI11002 or KAI11000. You get lower thermal noise and fewer hot pixels with this camera.

QHY11’s small round case design allow it be installed in the the Hyperstar System or in the primary focus plane. With more and more new big image circle Schmidt camera come out,  QHY11 is your right choice for such systems.

We supply a cable clip which makes the USB port to power socket more secure.


QHY11-2                 QHY11-3                 QHY11-4



The QHY11 Colour has limited availablity… please contact Bernard for details  😀


Main Features

  • Total pixel  :4072*2720
  • Active pixels:4032*2688  11Mpixels
  • Pixel Size:   9.0um x 9.0um square 
  • 36mm*24mm imager size
  • Readout noise: 12-14e-   @1Mpixel/s
  • Preview Speed: 3Mpixel/s
  • Download Time: 15sec@Low Speed. 8sec@High Speed
  • Peak QE: 50%
  • FullWell: 55-60Ke-
  • Microlensing on chip
  • Progressive Scan
  • ABG: 1000X
  • 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
  • USB2.0 High Speed interface
  • 2-Stage TEC cooling
  • Build in 32MByte SDRAM buffer
  • Build in temp sensor
  • DC102 DC adapter & TEC Controller Supported


Image Gallery by Terry Hancock

Terry Hancock is using QHY11 to capture many magnificent wide-angle deep sky images.
These images show perfectly the complexity of nebulea and galaxies in great detail.
Terry’s works have created a  sight-seeing tour of the deep space, which you can see through his telescope and camera .
Click the images to see the big breakthrough size image.
To see more of his photographic works, just follow the QHYCCD Flickr group at


The Andromeda Galaxy M31 2014 Terry Hancock

M31 - QHY11 Image by Terry Hancock

The Gamma Cyni Region 3 Panel Mosaic 2015 Terry Hancock

QHY11-The Gamma Cyni Region 3 Panel Mosaic 2015 Terry Hancock

 NGC6914 and The Gamma Cygni Region 2015 Terry Hancock

QHY11-NGC6914 and The Gamma Cygni Region 2015 Terry Hancock

Sadr and The Surrounding Gamma Cygni Nebula  2015 Terry Hancock

QHY11-Sadr and The Surrounding Gamma Cygni Nebula 2015 Terry Hancock


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