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TS 70mm f6.78 Quad

TS 70mm f6.78 Quad

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The TS 70mm f6.78 Quad is a great travel telescope for photographers and observers. The corrector is built into the OTA, so you just focus and you’re automatically at the optimal distance. The TSED70Q has a comfortable working distance of 135mm from the 2″ end, so you can easily use 2″ star diagonals and eyepieces and still reach focus.

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TS 70mm f6.78 Quad, 4 element ED refractor with built in field corrector, for imaging and observation
Fully corrected and illuminated field is 32mm diameter – ideal for APS-C DSLR cameras

TheTS 70mm f6.78 Quad is part of the Imaging Star Line and an ideal travel telescope for all photographers.

The Apo is very well corrected for imaging and also offers good visual performance.

Magnifications up to 150x are handled very well by the ED lens, chromatic aberration is significantly reduced. This TS 70mm f6.78 Quad is recommended for all nature observers, photographers and amateur astronomers who are looking for a compact telescope that does everything well.

The length of only 30cm (with retracted dew cap) makes the Apo very easy to transport in its case.


Advantages of the TS Imaging Star 70mm ED quadruplet:

– very good field correction with the built in 2 element corrector
– camera sensors up to 32mm diagonal are covered
– 2 “dual speed Crayford allows photography and observation
– 360 ° rotation of the drawer for the image positioning
– flexible multifunction connection plate for direct attachment to camera tripods and mounts
– Well corrected doublet lens with two special glasses (1x lanthanum) for a clear contrasty image


Two inch Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro reduction

The 2 “Crayford keeps even heavy accessories secure by using reinforced ball bearings It guarantees a very precise adjustment with 1:10 micro reduction. If you have focus set accurately you can fix the position with a knurled screw. Long exposure times are possible without adjusting focus.


Imaging with the TS 70mm f6.78 Quad:

Just connect your DSLR or CCD camera through a 2 “focal adapter or via the M48 screw adapter.


TS Imaging Star 70mm f-6.78 quadruplet ED 2



This Apo is  optimized for imaging, but it also offers very good performance for visual observation.

The focal position allows the use of 1.25 “diagonals or Amici prism for erecting the image.

You can get, eg with a 32mm Super Plössl, a gigantic field of view of 3.5 ° at only 14x magnification.

You have the perfect overview.

With a 3mm Planetary eyepiece you get 148x magnification and can observe details on the moon and planets very well.


Technical data: –

  • Aperture 70mm – 474mm focal length 
  • F ratio f6.78 – lens doublet lens with two special glasses (1x lanthanum) for good color correction 
  • Multi-coating on each glass-air surface 
  • Focuser 2 “Crayford Dual Speed ​​reduction with reduction to 1.25” 
  • 310mm length with retracted dew cap 
  • Photographic resolution 1.65 ” 
  • Visual limiting magnitude 11,9Mag
  • Weight 2.5kg 
  • Photographically usable field with full illumination of 32mm diameter

A carrying case is included!



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