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TS 50mm f6.6 APO Refractor

TS 50mm f6.6 APO Refractor

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TS 50mm f6.6 APO refractor and ED telephoto lens
Aperture 50mm and 330mm focal length.
Focal Ratio f6.6 – 50mm ED high quality air spaced doublet lens.
A powerful “pocket” scope with the same optics as the legendary Stellarvue ED50
NB. Tube clamp has some scratches around the securing screw and OTA tests very good optically.

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TS 50mm f6.6 APO Refractor telescope and ED telephoto lens

 Aperture 50mm – 330mm focal length – Focal Ratio f6.6 – 50mm ED doublet lens with an air gap


The TS 50mm ED APO from Teleskop-Service  provides an image with pure colours.

This compact telescope is ideal for day or night observation.

At the same time the refractor is also a bright and compact telephoto lens with 330mm focal length for digital cameras.

The refractor telescope is a real trip with transport length of only 25cm and weight of 1270 grams.

Nevertheless, it has all the advantages of a professional astronomical telescope.


Features of the TS 50mm f6.6 ED Apo: – 50mm ED lens – zweielementig with air gap – for contrast imaging – particularly compact by retractable dew – Transport length only 250 mm – high quality CNC extract with 45mm free aperture, 1:10 micro reduction, 360 ° rotation – Full coverage and good field corrector for digital cameras to APS-C format – Gigantic field of more than 5 ° (10x the Full Moon next to each other) , the CNC extension with SC thread Connection: The CNC tilting eyepiece also holds heavy cameras or without eyepieces. The central screw fixes the desired pull-out position. This is very convenient for photography. By 1:10 micro reduction can be particularly accurate focusing and meet 100% the exact focus point. The focuser offers the SC connector for additional adaptations and a reduction to 1.25 “for visual observation.

The TS 50mm ED Apo f6.6 as a telescope or spotting scope for nature observation: For daytime use we recommend an Amici prism for an upright and laterally correct image (as with binoculars). The pleasant view will allow for hours of relaxed observing at a contrast performance that is normally achieved only with considerably more expensive APO spotting telescopes. For night observation we recommend a quality dielectric 1.25 “diagonal with 99% reflection or T2 prism, to preserve maximum light and contrast.

A few recommendations for meaningful magnifications: 10.3 x magnification .. – 5 ° field of view – Part No. TSSP32 … 32mm Super Plössl -an excellent overview magnification for maximum field of view – very nice for the Overview for astronomical observations but also for nature watching. 27.5 times magnification – 2.5 ° field of view – Part No. TSWA12 … 12mm wide-angle eyepiece with 70 ° field for medium magnification and resolution.. 41.2 times magnification – field 1, 4 ° – Art. Nr. NED8 … 8mm wide angle with 60 ° field of vision for more resolution – very suitable for bird watching, when it comes to details. 66 x magnification – 0.9 ° field of view – Part No. NED5… .. 5mm wide angle with 60 ° field of view for a very high resolution – for maximum detail recognition in the plumage of birds 103 times magnification – 0.58 ° field of view – Part No. HR3 … 3.2mm Planetenokular with 60 ° field of astronomical observations.. (Moon, planets, double stars …)

The TS 50mm ED APO as fast aperture 330mm f / 6.6 telephoto lens: With the optional T-adapter and T2 ring you can connect your digital camera directly to the ED Apo and get a bright and high-contrast telephoto lens with the following data:– Focal length: 330mm – fixed iris: f6.6 – Focusing: manually with 1:10 micro reduction – more precise than a classical telephoto lens you can Apo Tele still operate from the open hand. . Of course, you also have a 1/4 “tripod connection The special feature is the focus area of about five meters to infinity.



TS 50mm ED 330mm telephoto lens


The TS 50mm ED APO as a super-seeker and guide scope for astrophotography:

TS 50mm ED Super Finder and guide tube

The TS 50mm f6.6 APO refractor makes a Super viewfinder with outstanding image quality and a superb guiding scope with the optional viewfinder mounting.

Technical data for the TS 50mm f6.6 ED Apo: – opening: 50mm – Focal Length: 330mm – aperture ratio : f 6.6 – Tube: Transport length 250mm / diameter 60,9mm / weight 1270 grams – Focuser: CNC extract with SC thread connector and 1.25 “connection with micrometer scale – 1:10 Micro

Supplied with the TS 50mm f6.6 ED Apo: – optical tube with eyepiece – cover for the lens and eyepiece – CNC pipe clamp with 1/4 “tripod mount – Prism rail (GP Level) with slotted holes and 1/4 “tripod mount – Viewfinder shoe on pipe clamp for standard Viewfinder (Vixen, Skywatcher, GSO …) eyepieces, Zenit prisms and adapters are not included.



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