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Mesu Mount 200

The original Mesu 200 mount is no longer available as it has been replaced by the MkII version, details shortly…………
We have a batch of mounts expected this Summer, please register your interest by email.


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The Mesu Mount 200 is a friction drive Equatorial mount with extraordinary performance, at a reasonable price!

High payload, zero backlash and low periodic error make harvesting quality images easier than ever before.

The modular design even allows encoder and firmware upgrades, finally realising the dream of a truly “future proof” amateur mount.


Sky at Night magazine reviewed the mount and gave it 5 out of 5 – outstanding !


Image ShowsMesu Mount 200 EQ head shown with SiTech GOTO controller 

[ Saddle and HD pillar are available as options ]



 The MESU 200 Robotic mount is the ultimate in astro-imaging capability,with a Huge payload capacity and a servomotor driven friction drive system, this mount has a pointing accuracy of <2.5′ and auto-guiding within 0.1′, a maximum GOTO speed of 8 deg/sec and a 4″ peak-2-peak PE. All this coupled with the SiTech Mount Controller gives you unparalled astro imaging performance second to none.

~ Bernard Karpinski


The Mesu Mount 200 with Pillar (optional)

 Mesu Mount 200 on Pillar

Mount Specifications

Drive system
Gear ratio
Meridian flip
Latitude range
Pointing accuracy
Guide accurancy
Periodic error
GOTO speed
Mount control
Power consumption
Diameter counterweight bar
Friction wheels driven by Servo motors
1 : 2000
Up to 100kg
0 – 90 degrees
< 2,5′
0,1″ with autoguiding
4″ peak-to-peak
6 – 8 degrees/sec.
SiTech Controller (needs a laptop running SiTech Software)
Average is 400mA (when the mount guides for 90% of the time)


The Mesu-Mount with a typical set-up is seeing limited for many minutes of open loop tracking (without optical feedback from the object).

Measurements are done to demonstrate the Mesu-Mount periodic error over a long period of time under heavy load conditions in open sky conditions.

As written in the DFM article other properties than PE are important in a telescope mount.


Tracking smoothness is more important than low frequency periodic error. This is because even a fairly large amplitude periodic error can be guided out using optical feedback (from a guide star) if the frequency is low. If the frequency is high you need expensive systems to guide it out. So it’s desirable to have a smooth running mount that does not have high frequency tracking errors.


Optical feedback from a celestial object is advisable for long exposures of the deep-sky. Feedback from the mounts axis to make it rotate constantly will not be enough.

This requires a high resolution encoder to measure the rotation at arc second level and will not help to make a good deep-sky picture. Much better is to use auto guiding and a celestial object as reference.

Auto guiding can be done easily and needs to be done anyway when the mount has a closed loop control system on the RA axis. This is because there is variation in atmospheric conditions and flexure in the mechanical parts of the telescope. These factors become more important when exposure times increase. They cannot be compensated for by feedback from the mounts RA axis to the servo controller alone.


Another property that defines the mount’s quality is the stiffness.

Typically telescope structures are stiffer than the drive stiffness, the drive system needs to either have inherent stiffness or develop stiffness through the servo motor controller.

Any gear system require lubrication. The lubrication film between the gear teeth will significantly lower the stiffness.

The Mesu-Mount is very stiff because it has no gear system that needs lubrication in the drive train.


Furthermore a high efficiency drive is desirable.

It requires less power and it allows the drive system to remove energy from the moving telescope setup.

Removing energy allows faster deceleration and significantly improves telescope response to position changes.

Worm gears with high gear ratio have very low efficiency and must be decelerated very slowly, increasing the time required to respond to a position change command.


Mesu Mount 200 PE


Please ask about recommendations regarding OTAs and CCD camera systems.

Sky at Night magazine reviewed the mount and gave it 5 out of 5 – outstanding !


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