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HEQ5Rail Kit

HEQ5Rail Kit


HEQ5Rail Kit is a revolutionary solution to an age old problem with HEQ5 mounts – Bent Latitude bolts.
Please note, this kit generally fits without problem, however due to slight variations in mount manufacture over the years it may sometimes be necessary to “fettle” an installation.
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The HEQ5Rail Kit is a revolutionary solution to an age old problem with HEQ5 mounts – Bent Latitude bolts. The kit is a solution, built on years of customer feedback; with a much simpler, more direct and precise method of adjustment. Because of its efficient and simple design, the HEQ5Rail  Kit is easily fitted and cost effective.

Please note it will not work with already ‘bent’ bolts.

Q) How does it work?

A) Instead of the tip of the bolt hitting the metal tab in the mount at an increasingly acute angle with rising latitude (and bending), theres a large curved surface which rises on the sloping base, to always maintain the optimal contact angle with the tab. The other bolt just locks the adjustment, as normal.

The result is a direct transfer of the adjusting force across the face of the tab, instead of at a point, and the adjusting bolt is supported at two places, so doesn’t need to deal with any bending forces.

Since the load is no longer on the point of the bolt, so not only is the load spread across the front surface of the round slider block, there is no damage to the casting when under load. This helps provide a smoother operation.

Backlash is minimal as all points of contact are loaded and forces are now in one plane. The two caps complete the look.

Range of operation is approximately 15 – 75 degrees in Latitude


The HEQ5Rail Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Rail Wedge Base
  • 1 x Slider Block
  • 1 x Grease and applicator
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Optional bolts


You will need

2 x spanners – 1 x 16mm & 1 x 17mm

1 x Allen key – 3mm

1 pt PoziDrive Screwdriver

Thick cloth + heavy duty flat surface to work on

Felt tip pen

Flat bladed screwdriver

Heat gun (optional)


  • Use a Flat working surface as its easier to remove the base when the mount isn’t on the tripod


NB. The kit will not work with bent bolts, if you suspect your bolt is already bent – even if only very slightly, please order a new bolt set.


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