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TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph (TSAPO65Q)

TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph (TSAPO65Q)

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The TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph (TSAPO65Q) is a 4 element APO with full field correction for astro-imaging built in!
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TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph (TSAPO65Q) – 65mm aperture / 420mm FL

4 element APO telescope with field correction for Astro-Photography – 2″ RP focuser – FPL53 glass


The TS Quadruplet Astrograph 65mm f/6.5 of the TS Imaging Star Line offers a highly corrected focal plane for astro photography and is therefore an excellent alternative to the Takahashi FS-60 or the Pentax 75 SDHF.

It is fine crafted and optimal for mobile deep-sky imaging featuring a minimum mechanical length of 340 mm (with retracted dew cap).

Image quality on- and off axis is perfect and the very low chromatic abberation allows a visual magnification range up to 150x.

TS APO 65 Quadruplet advantages:

— fully corrected triplet lens group for colour-free imaging
— integrated field flattener (4th lens) for a corrected fiels up to full-size sensors
— optimized flattener position inside the tube for best effect
— 2″ dual speed focuser for high loads – no slipping, no shifting
— 360° rotation possibilitiy for ideal framing
— CNC tube rings
— finder shoe (Vixen/Celestron/Sky-Watcher compatible)

2″ Rack and Pinion focuser:

Rack and Pinion Focuser

This focuser combines the advantages of a rack & pinion focuser with an improved bearing system.

A Crayford design has its optimal stiffness only when the drive shaft is pressed firmly against the rail – this causes bucky operation.

The fine machined cograil allows smooth focusing even under heavy loads up to 3 kg.

The focuser also features a 2″ and 1.25″ receptacle with brass compression rings. 2″ accessory is locked by two thumbscrews – this prevents tilting.


The 65mm Quadruplet’s optical system – four lenses in two groups:

Optic of the 65mm Quadruplet Astrograph
For this lens system FPL-53 glass is used for optimal colour correction. Stars are free of colour fringes and halos which may occur with camera-side corrector applications.

The fixed internal ED flattener causes an optimal image correction for sensor with a diagonal up to 44 mm. With a separate lens brought into the focuser, this can hardly be reached. This highly corrected system is additionally supported by a adequate baffling system

Technical details:

TS 65mm Quadruplet Astrograph

— Aperture: 65mm
— Focal length: 420mm
— Photographic speed: f/6.5
— Diameter of the corrected field: 44mm
— Weight: 2.8 kgs (with tube rings)
— Focuser: 2″ RP with improved bearing, 360° rotation and ring clamping
— Mechanical length: 340/375 mm with retracted/extended dew cap
— Resolution: 1.78 arc seconds
— Limiting visual stellar magnitude: 11m6
— Diameter of the dew cap … 88mm (for solar filter)


Your Package will Contain…

— optical Tube with focuser
— CNC Rings
— Vixen level dovetail rail
— Finderholder


TS 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph … tested at
Link to the Test


Image with optional RDAV finder…


TS Quadruplet APO with RDA Finder


Firstlight with the Quadruplet 65mm from Tobiasz Jakubowski

Firstlight-cirrus- by Tobiasz Jakubowski

1 review

  1. Gabriel

    This is an amazing scope: clear image, no CA and flat field. The focuser is excellent: super-smooth and can easily hold the weight of my 70D camera. I bought this scope as part of a portable setup that I could take on vacation with me. It fits in a small suitcase and can be easily boarded on a flight as hand luggage.

    I currently use it on top of the SW StarAdventurer and I am very happy with it, this is my first light


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