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QHY163C Colour (UK Delivery)

QHY163C Colour (UK Delivery)


QHY163C Colour – Cooled USB3.0 Planetary / Deep Sky ColdMOS camera
QHY163C Colour Cooled CMOS camera offers exceptional value and high performance to those entering the fascinating world of deep sky imaging.

Please note this camera has been discontinued by QHY

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QHY163C Colour – Cooled USB3.0 Planetary / Deep Sky ColdMOS camera
QHY163C Colour, a 4/3inch, 16mega pixel CMOS sensor camera, available in both Mono and colour versions. USB3.0 interface, 23FPS@16mega pixel full resolution output and 30FPS@4K HD video output.
The QHY163 has very low readout noise, an 8/12bit ADC and two stage cooling (typical delta T 40 below ambient). A sealed sensor chamber and heated window prevent dew formation.
128MB DDRII Buffer
You don’t want to lose hard earned frames so the QHY163 has a built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. This buffer assists in the transfer of large images and ensures smooth running on low speed computers or with a USB2.0 port.
Full Anti-Dew Solution
With more than ten years experience in cooled CCD camera design. QHYCCD has deployed full anti-dew technology to the QHY163 including a sealed sensor chamber with a silicon gel tube socket and window heater. With these technologies you do not need to worry about dew forming on the sensor or optical window, even in a high humidity environment.
QHY163M/C Camera Specification
CMOS Sensor
4/3inch 16mega pixel CMOS Sensor (Color/Mono)
Effective Pixels
Pixel Size
Effective Area
Electric Rolling Shutter.
Typical 18-20ke
Readout Noise
2.4e@low gain    1e@high gain
System Gain
Unity Gain
Frame Rate (on 8bit)
22.5FPS@16mega Full Resolution
30FPS@4K HD Video   
ROI Support
Yes. Any Area ROI
Exposure Time
AD Sample Depth
10bit/12bit (8bit/12bit output)
On Camera Image Buffer
Yes, 128MB DDRII Buffer
2-stage TEC, Typically 40 below Ambient. Temperature Regulated
USB Powered for camera and +12V powered for TEC
Anti Dew Control
Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube
Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber
Computer Interface
USB3.0 Super Speed
Telescope Interface
T Thread with 2 inch adapter, optional C-mount adapter
Filter Wheel Port
4PIN QHYCFW2 socket
Guide Port
6PIN RJ11 Guide Port
Optical Window
AR (Mono) or IR (Colour)
Power consumption
QHY163 Electrical Interfaces
12V input with lock, USB3.0 socket, 4PIN QHYCFW, 6PIN RJ11
With high resolution and high frame rate with super low readout noise. QHY163C is a powerful camera for meteor video imaging. Here is some demo picture with QHY163M and 16mmF1.8 4/3inch industry lens. Please navigate to this page, to view more videos.
Here is a topic of the first light of QHY163M by our beta tester user on cloudynights forum, includes some DSO images and the readout noise/system gain and fullwell test data
NGC7000, 6x10minutes Ha,6x10minutes OIII, 3x8x2 minutes, QHY163M TS Photoline 130mm refractor, 0.79 focal reductor EQ6 mount. Captured by Lukasz_Socha,Poland
NGC6940, 30minutes L, 3x15minutes RGB, QHY163M TS Photoline 130mm refractor, EQ6 mount. Captured by Lukasz_Socha,Poland
A very faint Object SH2-224 capture by David. QHY163M,WO FLT-98, gain 9 and offset 30, 62 frames of 8 min
Driver and Software Download
Camera Driver
Update Check
SharpCap Patch
ASCOM Capture
ASCOM Platform
NativeWDM Driver
BroadCast Driver
Standby Download


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