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PoleMaster for IEQ30 / IEQ45

PoleMaster for IEQ30 / IEQ45

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PoleMaster for IEQ30 / IEQ45
Includes Adapter & Worldwide Delivery

Instruction Manual by Steve Richards – Astronomy Shed Video 

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PoleMaster for IEQ30 / IEQ45
Includes Adapter & Worldwide Delivery

Instruction Manual by Steve Richards

Astronomy Shed Video

Polemaster Adapter for iEQ30

1 review

  1. Tony Doubtfire

    Tried it out in anger last night (17/12/15) – yes I actually got a clear night!
    After installing the drivers and running the software it found the camera first time and pulled up an image. Quite faint at first but fiddling with the exposure and gain soon got enough stars.
    The software takes you through a sequential series of steps leading you to very accurate polar alignment. Basically it works by presenting you with a template of some of the brighter stars near Polaris. You overlay this on top of the camera image until they line up. You are then invited to rotate the scope a little a couple of times and from this the software calculates the true centre of rotation of your mount. A few more simple steps and you’re presented with two dots showing where your mount is pointing and where the true celestial pole is. All you have to do now is physically move your mount so the two dots line up. It doesn’t matter if the mount isn’t level and I managed to get away with using the adjustable feet on the tripod rather than loosening the azimuth and altitude bolts. The software is very clever!

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