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The EQ6Rail is our successor to the MkIII EQ6Wedge – built on years of customer feedback, with a much simpler, more direct and precise method of adjustment. Because of its efficient design, the EQ6Rail is also more easily fitted and better value. Price includes Worldwide delivery!
Modern Astronomy distributes this product and welcomes dealer enquiries.

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Customer supplied video on installation



The EQ6Rail is our successor to the MkIII EQ6Wedge – built on years of customer feedback, with a much simpler, more direct and precise method of adjustment. Because of its efficient design, the EQ6Rail is also more easily fitted and better value.

Price includes Worldwide delivery!
Modern Astronomy distributes this product and welcomes dealer enquiries.

Q) How does it work?

A) Instead of the tip of the bolt hitting the metal tab in the mount at an increasingly acute angle with rising latitude (and bending), there’s a large curved surface which rises on the sloping base, to always maintain the optimal contact angle with the tab. The other bolt just locks the adjustment, as normal.

The result is a direct transfer of the adjusting force across the face of the tab, instead of at a point, and the adjusting bolt is supported at two places, so doesn’t need to deal with any bending forces. Backlash is minimal as all points of contact are loaded and forces are in one plane.

Range of operation is approximately 15 – 75 degrees in Latitude

Q) How does it attach to the mount?

A) The cutaway picture (image 2 of 3) shows the EQ6Rail located within the mount head. It’s shaped to closely fit and be retained by the internal mount structure and the forces on it. It’s also possible, but not necessary, to use double sided tape, mastic or adhesive – as with the EQ6Wedge.

Q) How does the EQ6Rail differ from the EQ6Wedge?

A) By simplifying the design as much as possible, the EQ6Rail avoids the external knuckle joint and screw assembly which drives the adjustment of the EQ6Wedge. It also avoids problems with slip when certain  bolts are not properly and carefully adjusted. Because of its evolutionary process, you could even characterise the EQ6Rail as a MkIV EQ6Wedge……..

The EQ6Rail Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Rail Wedge Base
  • 1 x Slider Block
  • 2 x Alloy engraved caps (one indexed for left side)
  • 4 x Adhesive Strips
  • 1 x Grease and applicator

Instructions to fit the EQ6Rail will be sent with your purchase.

You will need

  • 2 x 16mm or 17mm Spanners – varies with sample
  • M2.5 Hex Allen Key
  • pt Pozi/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flat bladed screwdriver or similar
  • Flat working surface as it’s easier to remove the base when the mount isn’t on the tripod

If your adjusting bolt is already bent please let us know and we’ll source a cheap replacement for you.
If the adjustment tab in your mount is scored or rough, it’s advantageous to smooth it for better operation.

For those of you with lighter setups, particularly if you live in the Southern half of the country, the EQ6Bolt may be all you need.

Thread on Cloudy Nights
Customer supplied video on installation


6 reviews

  1. Stephen Aldridge (verified owner)

    I’m highly delighted with this. At last I can polar-align my NEQ6 laden with 10″ SCT plus extras by using normal turning pressure on the alt. bolts without having to use both hands – in fact, thumb and forefinger is fine. This means that the mount can be securely locked in the correct position quickly and easily. Instructions are a little sparse. Highly recommended and like having a new mount without feeling as though you’re wrecking it with every turn of the alt bolt.

  2. Martin Pyott (verified owner)

    Amazing product, at first glance I was put off with the price, but after the strip-down I was so lucky I’ve done this modification after seeing the extensive wear from the pivot point . Very easy to fit the EQ6 Rail, with very little tools required and takes 30 minutes to complete the work. I was so amazed on how smooth and less effort to move the Latitude bottom bolt now which in turn will made polar alignment easier. I would suggest to add the uprated bolt included in the kit and a small tub of grease to justify the price a little hence why awarded 4 stars.
    But saying this it’s a bolt on mod with no massive alterations to the mount. And the results are unmistakably remarkable, it’s that good I did a video review of it on YouTube.

    Thanks Bern MA this is a top choice mod!!! And I will definitely recommend anyone to seriously buy this product.

  3. Jordan Howard (verified owner)

    Simple idea, very effective.
    Anybody who has had to polar align with the NEQ6 will know the infamous struggle of turning the altitude adjustment bolts. This modification is straight-forward and, once completed, negates any worries about stripping threads or bending bolts.
    This is a necessary upgrade for those who use this mount often. Highly recommended.
    I will advise to watch Martin Pyott’s YouTube video during the installation, just to give the included paper instructions a little more clarity.

  4. Gerald Evans (verified owner)

    Absolutely huge difference from before and yes its going to save you money in the long run. Also works fine with the original bolt so no need to change it. Gerry

  5. STEPHEN HARRISON (verified owner)

    This is an excellent upgrade to the NEQ6 mount. Apart from removing the plastic covers which took time due to the glue used by skywatcher. The instillation was very easy and quick to carry out. The mount can now be polar aligned easily and smoothly with no effort. I would give this product five stars for design and simplicity, but due to the price i have awarded it four stars. I do believe that this product could have a price tag a touch lower. Though i would recommend this product to anyone who owns a EQ6 mount and am very satisfied with the product.

  6. juangsp (verified owner)

    This product has literally resurrected my decade old SW NEQ6-Pro Mount. Finally polar alignment is a matter of seconds and no effort. It moves smoothly and at last I do not feel I am inflicting damage every time I turn the bolts. Modern Astronomy very kindly helped me source new bolts. Thank you very much for a great product.

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